About The Lodge at Métis Crossing

Relaxing and reconnecting on the banks of history – The Lodge at Métis Crossing is a 40-room, boutique luxury lodge, located on historical Métis river lots. Overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, guests to the lodge will inevitably find themselves summoned by a sense of nostalgia and wonder about what came before.


What’s Happening

Ribbon Skirt

Métis Ribbon Skirt Workshop

April 30th April

Ribbon Skirt workshop Join us for Métis Ribbon skirt workshop, …


Métis Vest 2 day Workshop

April 15th April

Traditional Métis  Melton Vest Making Learn how to create a …


Moccasin Workshop

April 1st April

Moccasin 2 day workshop Join us for the Métis  Moccasin …