About the bistro

The Lodge at Métis Crossing features a main-floor Bistro to keep your spirit fueled as you explore our history, relax, and reconnect. The Bistro is beautifully built with wood detailing and provides our guests with snacks, boxed lunches, coffee, and refreshments. The Bistro includes tables to gather around, seating by the rock fireplace and direct access to our riverfront patio.

The Bistro at Métis Crossing is exactly where you will want to be when you are relaxing with a coffee, collecting your thoughts, reconnecting with loved ones or colleagues, or just grabbing a snack before you head out to explore the land or to participate in one of our many traditional Métis experiences.

The Métis Crossing Lounge

The second-floor Lounge at Métis Crossing offers guests spectacular views of the North Saskatchewan River or a seat next to our two-story rock fireplace. The lounge offers guests refreshments and dining options just steps away from your room. After a long day in meetings or out exploring the land, the lounge is the place to be. Join your friends, family, or colleagues in our stunning lounge, relax, reconnect, and take in the views as the sun sets across this land steeped in history.

Indigenous Inspired Cuisine

Métis Crossing is a place for Métis people to share Métis stories with the world. These stories come from our families, and like every culture, these stories are best shared around the kitchen table. The stories of our food harvesting and preparation tell a lot about who we are as a people, what we value, and how our traditions have shaped us. Métis people are proudly resilient, entrepreneurial, and connected to the land.

The culinary experience at Métis Crossing is has been created to share our distinct Indigenous story through your tastebuds. We plan to grow and harvest many ingredients from our own land and are committed to procuring the highest quality ingredients in the most sustainable manner possible. This commitment is what has led us to grow our own food forest and build local procurement agreements. Bison, saskatoons, trout, raspberries – like our experiential programs, our meals change with the seasons and what nature has to share with us.

Like the Métis people, our favourite dishes come from a fusion – of past and present, of European and First Nations, of local and international. We pick the best from all worlds to create dishes that are distinctly Métis.

On example of traditional Métis cuisine is Bannock. This traditional delight was a combination of Scottish bread and Indian fry bread that could be baked in an oven, and cooked in a skillet over a fire or fried. The benefit of bannock was that it was easy to make, transport, lasted a long time without spoiling and was quite filling. The Métis harvested wild turnips, peeled and dried them, and then pounded them into flour for use in the bannock.